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TV and Film Locations in Europe

Historic Houses, Castles and Gardens together with their associated buildings and land are ideal TV and Film locations. For a list of those properties which are available as TV or Film locations please follow the links below.
We are happy to assist you in finding the rigth location. Please contact us via phone +49 (0)40 4112570, or email us: info@schenck-verlag.de

TV and Film Locations in Castles in Europe

Schencks Premium Selection
Schloss Frohnburg
Schloss Frohnburg, Salzburg (Austria)

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Arrangement Tipp
Golf, Fishing, Hunting

(Mecklenburg W.Pomerania)

Castles & Gardens
Schencks Castles & Gardens SCHENCKS
Castles & Gardens 2015/2016

available now,
Price: 9,90 € / 11,90 CHF
ISBN: 978-3-937566-65-8
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